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Frequently Asked Questions

dot Money and Banking
Many people retiring to Mexico have found that ATMs meet their needs for access to money. ATM's are common all over Mexico. You'll find them in every bank and most large grocery stores. They also offer a good exchange rate for converting currency from your home bank into pesos.

Others have found benefits in having a bank account in Mexico. To do so, you will need to show your FM3 and some form of proof of residency. This is usually a utility bill in your name at your address or a letter from your landlord.

Mexico is still largely a cash society. Almost everyone pays their bills (power, water, telephone, internet, etc) in cash, in person. Cable or satellite service is usually paid by credit card, although cash is acceptable.

dot Do I need to insure my home?
Getting homeowners insurance on your home in Mexico is the best way to protect your assets. 

dot Can you purchase extended medical in Mexico?
Yes. Extended medical is available through different insurance companies.

dot What about dental care?
With the cost of healthcare at an all time high, Americans and Canadians are travelling to Mexico for affordable dental care. You will find high quality dentists in Mexico offering dental procedures at significantly cheaper rates than those of US and Canadian dentists.

dot Can I buy a car in Mexico?
You can buy a car, just as you would in the US or Canada. The dealer will want to see your immigration status (FM2 or FM3 card) and proof of residence such as your electric bill, phone bill, deed, etc. The dealer will take care of getting your plates, insurance and registration for you.
dot Can I get a Mexico Drivers Licence?
Yes. All you will need is copies of your existing drivers license immigration status (FM2 or FM3 card) proof of residence; such as electric bill, phone bill, deed, etc. and a copy of your passport. No test is required.
dot Can I move my belongings to Mexico?
Yes, for more specific information, contact the consulate in your area.

dot What about the Internet Access
High speed Internet access and wifi are available in most areas of Mexico and there are also numerous Internet Cafes as well. There are 3 different companies in the Banderas Bay area that offer high speed internet service which is installed in your home or condo.

dot Can I bring my pet to Mexico?
Yes. You will need to bring a vet-issued health certificate stating your pet's current vaccination record including the rabies shot. This record must be signed and dated by your vet within 4 days of your departure. 

dot What is the Mexican People and the Culture like?
Mexican people are known for their kindness and hospitality, but, more importantly characteristic of the Mexican people is their festive spirit. They are religiously, socially and culturally diverse. Mexican people are always ready to demonstrate their good will by offering their help to whoever may need it. Mexican culture is truly unique and deserves to be known, and you certainly will enjoy knowing it.

dot What is the shopping like in Puerto Vallarta?
The main Puerto Vallarta shopping areas include central downtown, the Malecon, and the famous Mercado. There are numerous boutiques, designer clothing shops and galleries that fill the downtown Malecon strip. Puerto Vallarta also boasts several malls and department stores such as Galerias Vallart Mall and the adjacent Liverpool department store, Plaza Neptuno, The Plaza Marina, and many more excellent shopping centers. Puerto Vallarta also has Costco, Home Depot, Office Depot and Walmart. Some say the shopping is world class. You be the judge.

dot Is there any special preparation needed when eating fresh fruits or produce?
When cooking, preparing or consuming fresh fruits and vegetables use products such as "Microdyn" to purify the water you use to clean them. While the water in the Puerto Vallarta area is among the best and is tested regularly, it is wiser to stick to bottled water, which is readily available.

dot What about internet access?
High speed Internet access and wifi are available in most areas of Mexico and there are also numerous internet cafes as well. There are 3 different companies in the Banderas Bay area that offer high speed internet service which is installed in your home or condo.

dot I have a boat where can I get moorage?
The Marina Riviera Nayarit at La Cruz is definitely the new icon and is in the direct view of the Alamar and other Grupo Real Del Mar Developments. Sheltered by a tranquil cove, the marina offers more than 340 slips ranging from 31' to 400'. This marina offers all the best services to accommodate even the largest vessels sailing the Pacific Ocean. From its tranquil setting and beautifully manicured walkways to its glorious Sky Bar, this marina is the envy of the Riviera Nayarit. There are marinas located in Nuevo and downtown Puerto Vallarta.

dot What about the crime in Mexico?
We've all heard the stories and watched media reports that create negative hype about crime in Mexico. The majority of all crime in Mexico occurs around the border towns where the cartels try to move their drugs to the USA.

There is a lot of data available that compares crimes in various countries. When considered, the hype about crime in Mexico becomes very obvious. For example, the statistics for the total crimes by country per 1,000 people are: United Kingdom 85.55; United States 80.06; Canada 75.49 and Mexico 12.84. You'll find all the small towns and beach resorts in our area have very low crime rates, and the local residents are friendly and welcoming towards foreigners.

dot Can I rent my condo out as a revenue source?
Yes. You can reap the benefits of rental income from your villa or condo. We have a full management team that runs our rental program at each of our developments. This provides owners with the ability to generate cash flow from their real estate investment. Our full housekeeping service and rental management team take care of all your guests needs - whether we provide the renter or you send down your friends.

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